A few ways to brighten up your morning.

Well I will start off with.. Good morning!
The morning is probably no one’s favorite part of the day, especially if you didn’t get as many hours of sleep as you liked! Stress and anxiety together control your emotions and how you view day to day. Begin your day happy and relaxed, and you greatly increase your chances of a healthy, productive day.

1) Eat a breakfast- They say you tend to believe it or not gain more weight if you don’t consume a breakfast. True. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day therefore aim to have a nutrient breakfast to give you the energy to start your busy day.

2) Remind yourself- Read a motivational quote and review your tasks of the day or to-do list. Going through these thoughts will ease out your day and not have you worry or forget these errands later on.

3) Take a quick shower- A shower will wake you up and get you out of that tired phase. It doesn’t have to be long.. just a quick in and out!

4) Set your alarm right- You don’t want to be rushing in the morning. Be realistic and set your alarm earlier to avoid you the unnecessary stress. The 15 minutes of extra sleep isn’t worth it!

5) Appreciate and Smile- Wake up with a smile.. and appreciate yourself and everyone around you!

Hopefully this will lead to a brighter morning!



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