Your 5 Tips To Lead You To Your Fitness Goals

Is it a secret? No nothing is a secret. You just have to follow the instructions and follow them properly. Myself I love fitness, it is quite a part of my life. I aim to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle so I can enjoy the things I want to do to my greatest ability. Well firstly, do we have goals created? So that is what we will start with.


1) Set Realistic Goals- You are not going to get your ideal physique and be the fittest person in a couple months to a year.. So in that case be realistic. Set goals that you believe you will reach and once you do then you can set them even higher.

2) Physical activity- Well you cannot just expect your body to build muscle and lose fat without any exercise being done. It could be going to the gym a few times a week or even a simple run! Maybe you want to go play a sport with some friends or take your dog for a walk? Anything counts!

3) Diet- Your diet is very important. I know it sucks turning down tasty foods but if you want to achieve your fitness goals you have to cut down. The key is moderation. Maybe dessert once a week? Your diet should include a variety of all different types of food and you should also be drinking plenty of water, it is different if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle but overall it should be healthy!

4) Be consistent- Consistency is everything. If you don’t stick with it then how do you expect it to work? If you start your journey to achieving these goals you have to be consistent, taking a random two week break and then trying to go back to where you were will not work. Fit it in your schedule because you told yourself you could achieve these goals.

5) Patience and Positivity- This comes right after consistency.. You have to be patient. It takes time.. so just keep working and remind yourself why you started in the first place. Majority of people will start and give up after a few weeks because they didn’t see any results in their fitness.. because you have too be patient and give it that extra time and work! Once you are patient, learn how to be positive about what you are doing. If you bring yourself down then how do you expect to achieve anything?

Most important, Do not forget about these things when and if you are trying to reach your fitness goals!!



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