A Few New Things iOS8 Will Offer

Apple fans are highly anticipating the new iPhone6 .. let alone the new software upgrade iOS8 which is now downloadable. I personally have an Android so going through these updates were interesting! Will they really have a huge effect? Well let’s see.



Health App– The new HealthKit app offers users a dashboard that gathers personal health and fitness information on the devices, ranging from medical histories to fitness and diet information.

iCloud Drive– Apple says iCloud Drive will give users that chance to “work with the document of your choice on the device of your choice. “Spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images and any other kind of document will be accessible from devices including iPhones, iPads, Macs and PCs.

Continuity-  Apple says its products have “always been designed to work together beautifully.”But iOS 8 promises much more in that department, including the ability for a user writing an email on one device to finish it off on another. “You can pass things back and forth,” says Bearse. “You can answer a phone call on your Mac if your phone’s in your bag or charging upstairs.

These are just a few I will share however you can check the rest out yourself! The new technology these days just mind blow me. Imagine 5 years from now.  Okay go enjoy the new update and as well here is a new case if you are looking!

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